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Schools and travel
My family and I are looking to purchase a property in the village as we love it. Can anyone tell me which primary school is used by most of the local children and if there is a school bus service?
I can see a variation of schools in the catchment area ie. Milton, llanmartin and langstone. I was hoping to enrole my 8yr old in a school that other children in the village attend to ease his transition.
Posted by Alison on 23 May 2016
New Windows for the Village Hall
New windows are currently being installed in the Village Hall, they are going to look fabulous. Many thanks to the Community Council, Village Hall Management Committee and FCE (Steve Davies) for making it happen.
Posted by Mandy on 10 April 2016
Llanwern Development
I am looking to purchase a property on the Bishton Road that starts just after the Miilton Pub and then runs through Bishton until you reach Underwood. There had been a lot of talk about the regeneration of Llanwern, so could you let me know if there are any reasons that would put me off buying in Bishton Road.

Many thanks

Posted by Adam on 01 July 2015
Development In Lanwern
Hi there, we are looking to potentially purchase a property on Milton Hill. We love the way the village is now. However checking around on the internet it shows that their is going to be massive development in the village which would according to what I have seen completely change the dynamics of the village from that of surrounded by fields to housing estates. Obviously this is a concern and may deter us from purchasing property in the village. Then when I read the information again it said that this was first phase and to start in 2011 and the second part at Llanwern steelworks to be the second phase. I know that second phase has started however I am interested to find out if the first phase has been abandoned, Can anyone give me their views please? you can either respond on here or email me.

Thank you.
Posted by Stephen Jones on 29 January 2014
Search Glan Llyn

Glan Llyn is a 20 year project to transform the 600 acre former Llanwern Steelworks site, located just two miles east of the city centre, into an impressive £1bn sustainable community.
The site’s landowner, St. Modwen, the UK’s leading regeneration specialist is working with Newport City Council to deliver 6,000 new jobs as well as 4,000 new homes at Glan Llyn.

06/0845 see Newport City Council Planning Portal for more information
Gallagher’s Estates

Residential Development (up to 1100 dwellings) and provision of primary school, village centre, public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works (affecting public rights of way 397/3, 397/7, 397/9, 397/10 – Llanwern.

It is indicated as a phase 1 & 2 development, no commencement date is known, there has been some planning activity which may indicate some movement on the development.

Phase 1 is shown as the ground above Milton Hill.

Newport City Council / Local Development Plan for more information.

In addition to the above Llanwern has been selected and put forward by Newport City Council in the Local Development Plan as their preferred site for two Gypsy & Traveller sites, a transit camp just to the right as you enter Llanwern Village through Cot Hill, this is adjacent to the Gallagher’s Development, secondly a large permanent site adjoining Hartridge Farm Road in front of the new Llanwern High School
Posted by Mike George on 05 February 2014
Have they abandoned work on the gypsy site in Hartridge Farm Road? There has been no activity on the building site since before Christmas?
Posted by Sam Morgan on 25 February 2014
The work that Welsh Water were doing,was related to a Sewer improvement,nothing to do with the proposed Gypsy and Traveller site.
The Local Development Plan is still to be approved, but the site proposals still stand.
Posted by Mike George on 02 March 2014
Is there anymore activity on the proposed travellers sites at Cothill and Hartridge Farm Road?
Posted by June Edwards on 30 December 2015
Nice to see the back of the floods and have some nice crisp frosty weather....
Posted by Gavin on 30 November 2012
You're certainly right there Gavin, and congratulations on being the first poster in the guestbook on our village website.
Posted by Site Admin on 01 December 2012
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